Grouping Jobs in Rundeck

An overview on how to do group creations in Rundeck

At starting a project in Rundeck it might be easy to just create new jobs as a request arrives. However over time this may end up in a large list which then may become a bit cumbersome to be maintained.

Rundeck provides an option to organize jobs into groups. This really is just a logical set of jobs and a given group (or groups) can exist inside another one. In the jobs menu this then will be exposed as a folder structure.

Here’s a quick how to on creating groups in Rundeck:

During a new job creation enter a job name and the group name into the second field. In this is case it’s just group_level_1

Rundeck job name and group level

While entering another job it then becomes possible to either directly choose the already given group (or folder) name via the Choose button:

Rundeck group structure

It also will be able to just write a grouping structure similar as it would be an URL typing:

Rundeck job name and group level with slash forward typing

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